Dutch through private lessons

Are you unable to make time at fixed moments? Are you still lacking specific vocabulary? Or do you want intensive, personal supervision? Then a private school can help. Private institutions can provide a complete programme to measure.

Such schools are generally more expensive than subsidised institutions. This list contains a number of private schools in the Brussels Region.This list is not complete. Schools that want to be added to the list, can contact us by mail at taaladvies@huisnederlandsbrussel.be.

Some schools possess the Q-for quality label. You can check that on the website of the school. A few of them accept education vouchers of the VDAB and/or language vouchers from Actiris.

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  • For more information about the use and conditions of language-cheques, please contact Actiris.  Language-cheque jobs offer jobseekers the opportunity to attend language classes for free as soon as they are recruited by an employer.  Feel free to contact Actiris-Taalhoek at taalhoek@actiris (T 02 505 11 97).  Private language schools certified by Actiris feature the Actiris-logo.
  • If you would like more information about using education cheques, please contact the VDAB. Private language schools that are certified by the VDAB (employment office) display the VDAB logo.
  • Some private language schools offer, in addition to courses for adults, courses and/or language immersion for children and youth. In the list of schools these are identified by the "kids" logo.

The Dutch Language House of Brussels already has some good experiences with some of the private schools. You can recognize these schools in the list because of the ‘Thumbs up’ sign. This means that the Dutch Language House of Brussels was satisfied of the cooperation with these schools.