Dutch under 16

The Dutch Language House helps adults that want to learn or to practice Dutch. This means that we have a suitable offer for everyone aged 16 and above.
The House receives many requests regarding Dutch for children and young people. We cannot provide a fitting answer to individual questions. We refer such queries on-the-spot and distinguish between two groups of young people:

  • Is the child or youngster enrolled at a Dutch school? If so, he or she will already be learning Dutch at school. It might be a good idea to practice speaking Dutch during his or her free time. Dutch-speaking sports clubs, youth associations, community centres in the neighbourhood, etc... offer such opportunities. It is advisable to enquire at school, since schools will have the most accurate information concerning possibilities for practicing Dutch in the vicinity.
  • Is the child or youngster enrolled at a non-Dutch-speaking school and does he or she wish to attend extra courses? In this case, your options include contacting private language schools. Private schools with a particular programme for youngsters display the ‘kids logo’.