I want to practise Dutch

You don’t just learn a language by learning the grammar and vocabulary, you also have to be able to practise. And that isn’t always easy in a multilingual city like Brussels. Here are a few suggestions:


Patati Patata 

Patati Patata is for everyone (18+) who can already speak some Dutch. You can use the search engine to find someone to practise Dutch with and you can network with Dutch and other language speakers at Patati events every month to practise languages together.


Bru-taal (brutaal – cheeky, taal – language, hence ‘bru-taal’) organises conversation groups and babbel&zingen (singing and chat) and babbel&koken (cooking and chat). You can practise Dutch with native-speaker volunteers everyday at various locations in Brussels


  • Watch television in Dutch.
    You can watch the news in Brussels, with subtitles, on tvbrussel.
    If the news is too difficult, you can watch a series, soap or telenovela in Dutch.
  • See www.tv.be for the schedules of the Dutch language channels. You can get subtitles in Dutch by going to page 888 on teletekst.

Reading material

  • The Wablieft newspaper is written in clear-cut Dutch.
  • Taalblad.be is a news site for those learning Dutch. There are also exercises, listening material and a guide to grammar.
  • Lezen voor iedereen publishes versions of existing books and stories in a simplified language.
  • Or read the free newspaper Metro, first in French and then in Dutch to understand the news better.
  • You can read the news about Brussels online at www.brusselnieuws.be or in Brussels Deze Week, the newspaper that is available free all over Brussels.
    The cultural supplement Agenda is in three languages (Dutch, French and English).
  • In the Dutch language libraries in Brussels you can borrow books, audio books and CDs and read magazines. DVDs of films in all languages with subtitles are also available.


  • Listen to the radio in Dutch.
    FM Brussel is the Dutch language radio station for Brussels and you can listen to audio clips again at www.fmbrussel.be
  • There is a list of Dutch language radio broadcasters at www.radioinvlaanderen.info

More practice?

Go to the Patati Patata website for tips on practising Dutch with games and exercises on the internet. Or find activities where you can practise Dutch in your spare time with friends.

Practising Dutch with children