Proper Nederlands

“I couldn’t clean the conference room today. It was occupied the entire time.” Such a situation occurs more frequently than you think. But how do you explain it to the building manager if you only speak a few words of Dutch?

“Could you give the kitchen cupboards an extra scrub today?” A common instruction for your cleaning lady at home. But how do you explain it if the cleaning lady does not understand Dutch?

“Proper Nederlands” [Proper (literally “clean”) Dutch] is intended for cleaning personnel with little or no knowledge of Dutch (lower than the elementary level RG 1.2) and for their Dutch-speaking customers.

This is a package consisting of a booklet and a DVD, an introduction module “Starten met Proper Nederlands” [Starting with Proper Dutch] and a training course ““Nederlands op de Werkvloer – Proper Nederlands” [Dutch on the Shop Floor – Proper Dutch]. Work focuses each time on communication situations that occur in each of the instruments. These situations are very recognisable to cleaning personnel.

Proper Nederlands will not make the user bilingual. It is intended to facilitate communication between cleaning personnel and the customer.