Equipment made available free of charge, to be picked up from the building manager

  • Radio and CD player
  • Overhead projector
  • Flipchart
  • Beamer
  • TV, DVD player, VHS video player
  • Extension cable 

Present in de room

  • 1 dustbin 
  • 1 blackboard eraser

Please check the following when leaving the room

  • Windows closed 
  • Heating set at 2 in winter 
  • Lights out 
  • Blackboard erased 
  • Tables set in U-form (opening onto the blackboard) 
  • Chairs under the tables 
  • Coffee/tea/water set next to each other on one table 
  • Doors closed!!! 
  • Return key to the reception. If the receptionist is absent, return key to the evening manager (0468 10 98 32) 
  • Return borrowed materials to reception. 

Hanging up materials in the classroom 

  • Hang up materials only on the blackboard or washable surfaces, not on the walls 
  • Authorised: course material only 
  • Not authorised: political or commercial messages. 

Problems, defects, questions

In case of problems, defects, etc., please contact the building manager. Peter Pirard, Room 1.06 (first floor) 02 501 66 72 or 0486 93 96 57