Dutch in Hospitals

We all like to be taken care of in our own language. Most hospitals in Brussels understand that all too well. However, they are aware Dutch often presents a problem. Hence, the hospitals and the Dutch Language House of Brussels joined forces in turning health care truly bilingual.

Most hospitals today have implemented a language policy plan. Such a plan revolves around actions designed to put Dutch into practice on a structural level: language classes, but also conversation tables or language buddy’s. This allows medical and reception staff to practice Dutch on a daily basis. Moreover, hospital personnel make use of the pocket dictionary, developed by the Dutch Language House and the House of Health.

Two Brussels hospitals have recently launched their own language website. This website presents staff with all possible information on incentives the hospital undertakes to provide for bilingual health care:

On top of that, the websites provide access to an electronic learning environment. This learning initiative is being developed by the Dutch Language House of Brussels together with the IRIS-hospitals. Furthermore, the IRIS-hospitals will soon launch their own language websites as well.