Language policy in Education and Placement

Organisations that provide work experience, education and vocational training to adults in Brussels are increasingly confronted with people who know little if any Dutch. The Dutch Language House helps them adjust their offer to this new public.

Advisors at the Dutch Language House answer simple questions about language courses currently available, for instance, or possibilities for being initiated into Dutch in a pleasant way.

Extensive advice and support are available for organisations and schools who require more assistance. We then devise Dutch objectives for the target group, consider the most suitable courses, determine the person’s level of proficiency in Dutch, etc.

Our advisers can moreover provide concrete help for implementing the language policy choices: training and coaching schemes for technical instructors, information sessions for the entire school team, language proficiency screening for the target group at the beginning and end of the course, etc. Finally, organisations can call on the Dutch Language House to assess and, where necessary, adjust their language policy.

Teaching material for Dutch for specific purposes is produced for teachers of Dutch as a second language for such sectors as construction, hotel and catering, IT, sport coordination and healthcare.

You can always contact our language policy advisors who will be glad to answer your questions about Dutch instruction programmes geared to the labour market.