Language proficiency in higher education

Language advice and support and language policy for Erasmus Hogeschool (EhB) and Hogeschool-Universiteit Brussel (HUB)

Many students in higher education have difficulties with the academic Dutch used by professors and in manuals (technical terms, abstract language, etc.). Furthermore, they have to write papers and theses themselves, and they are not always equipped to do so.

Erasmus Hogeschool and Hogeschool-Universiteit Brussel are aware that they set high language use requirements for their students, and that is why they have called on the Dutch Language House of Brussels. There is a language coach at each HUB or EhB campus that can provide language advice and support to students free of charge (individually, in groups or from a distance). The advice and support are usually based on tasks or course materials in the student’s degree programme.

Language policy

Professors and tutors can also rely on the Dutch Language House for advice on how they can give language feedback or get their complex message across easier.

Finally, the Dutch Language House provides advice on structural measures that can be taken by a school or degree programme. The aim is to involve the entire school team in a broad language policy.