Plonge dans le néerlandais

Do you want to encourage young people in the French-speaking education system in Brussels to learn Dutch? Enroll the class for Plonge dans le néerlandais” (Dive into Dutch).

What is Plonge dans le néerlandais?

Plonge dans le néerlandais” is a free activity course for young people in Brussels in their last year of French-speaking secondary education. They get to know Dutch in Brussels and the opportunities this language offers them.

Not a classic information session but a discovery through the city centre. There are three central themes: work, leisure and culture. Young people compete with each other in groups on the basis of assignments. They get to know the project’s various partners (Beursschouwburg and Muntpunt) and together they complete the final part of the course at the Huis van het Nederlands.

Who wins the prize and goes home with cinema tickets?

Practical information

In 2020 we organise Plonge dans le néerlandais on the following dates:

  • Wednesday February 5th: 9.30 — 12.45
  • Tuesday February 11th: 9.30 — 12.45
  • Thursday February 20th: 9.30 — 12.45
  • Tuesday March 10th: 13.00 — 16.15
  • Wednesday March 11th: 9.30 — 12.45
  • Wednesday March 18th: 9.30 — 12.45
  • Thursday March 26th: 13.00 — 16.15
  • Tuesday March 31st: 13.00 — 16.15

Plonge dans le néerlandais in your organisation

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