What do we do?

Every Brussels resident who wants to learn or practise Dutch can get advice from us on NT2 courses, self-study and activities to practise Dutch. NT2 stands for Nederlands Tweede Taal”, i.e. Dutch as Second Language, the official name of Dutch language lessons for adults.

Candidates can also register with us directly for NT2 courses in Dutch-language adult education in Brussels. We collaborate intensively with these Dutch-language adult education centres: we analyse what courses the people of Brussels need and the schools adapt their teaching offering accordingly. So we can almost always offer the right course for the right person.

Those who need a certificate to prove their level of Dutch can also come to the Dutch Language House for a test (e.g. in the context of specific legislation, for a nationality application, to work or study, to enrol a child in Dutch-language education, etc.).

We can advise and guide companies and organisations with questions about Dutch for their employees or for their public.

We support organisations that want to become places where people can practise Dutch.

We help Dutch-language vocational training programmes to make their lessons more accessible to non-Dutch-speaking people.

Every Dutch-speaking school, every nursery and every healthcare centre can participate in our Dutch for parents project to help non-Dutch-speaking parents use more Dutch.

Together with more than 60 Dutch-speaking volunteers, we guarantee weekly conversation tables at 7 different locations in Brussels and online. 

For NT2 Teachers we organise activities and have tips, tricks and material for the classroom. We work together with the teachers to align the Dutch lessons in Brussels as much as possible with the inhabitants of Brussels and the city.