A trilingual dictionary for Brussels hospitals

11th of December 2018 — Today, in collaboration with Minister Guy Vanhengel, Chairman of the Executive of the Vlaamse Gemeenschapscommissie (VGC/​N‑Brussel, the Flemish Community Commission), we’ve launched MEDICAFR.NL.EN.

MEDICAFR.NL.EN is a trilingual dictionary for hospital employees in Brussels, giving an overview of French, Dutch and English words and expressions in specific work contexts. Not only hospitals, but also nursing homes, home nursing organisations, general practitioners or Brussels residents taking a care training course can benefit from the booklet. 

The book-launch took place at the Clinic Saint Jean. For years the hospital has been a close partner of the Huis van het Nederlands Brussel regarding its language policy. The doctors and nurses present were very enthusiastic.

The booklet can be ordered for 4 euro or downloaded freely.

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