Maand van het Nederlands in 3 Brussels municipalities


Maand van het Nederlands in 3 Brussels municipalities

25 october 2019 — Yesterday, the City of Brussels, Sint-Agatha-Berchem and Elsene celebrated the Maand van het Nederlands finale. They hoped that their participation would encourage municipal staff to learn or practice speaking more Dutch. 

The Maand van het Nederlands was a Huis van het Nederlands Brussel initiative.

With yoga, boxing, improvisational theatre, conversation sessions, info sessions and an afterwork, the Maand van het Nederlands activities were certainly diverse. Each participating municipality could work with us on selecting which activities to include in their own unique Maand van het Nederlands.

Municipal employees additionally received 2 language tips in their mailbox each week. These encouraged them to learn and practice Dutch above and beyond the formal activities. And coffee corners and cafeterias were stocked with conversation cards containing playful questions.

The Maand van het Nederlands was a resounding success. More than 400 employees participated and were extremely enthusiastic about the initiative. Not only in terms of the activities; but also in terms of the opportunity it presented for getting to know colleagues from other offices and departments. 

The Huis used the campaign to promote its language policy support provision to the various municipalities. Interested municipalities can contact the Huis van het Nederlands at any time.

The Maand van het Nederlands forms part of our Dutch for your employees’ program, which is tailored to businesses, organisations and public services. The Huis van het Nederlands Brussel uses this program to assist employers in developing a language policy in a multilingual context.

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