Plonge: the city game to explore the Dutch language in Brussels

07/11/2022 — Vice Minister-President of the Flemish Government and Flemish Minister for Home Affairs, Administrative Affairs, Civic Integration and Equal Opportunities, Bart Somers, and the Dutch Language House Brussels launch Plonge; a free, interactive, online city game for Brussels residents aged 16 and over that enables them to experience the Dutch language in Brussels. 

Discover the game

90 young people from 2 French-speaking secondary schools in Brussels tested for the first time our web application that allows them to playfully discover Dutch in Brussels with their smartphone in hand. 

We would like to thank Minister Bart Somers for supporting this project. Minister Bart Somers: Knowledge of the Dutch language increases your opportunities. It is as simple as that. And this is certainly the case in our capital city. In a city where one in four young people are out of work, exposing them to Dutch in a playful way is the best equal opportunities policy that you can implement.”

Director of the Dutch Language House Brussels, Patrick Manghelinckx, adds: We are keen to show young people how widely the Dutch language is used throughout the city. The more Dutch they pick up through play, the more they broaden their outlook and opportunities. Something that is essential given the current war on talent.’ Every additional bit of Dutch that young, non-native speakers learn improves their chances.” 

There are two versions of the game: a single-player and multi-player version. In the single-player version, participants follow a route that incorporates various Brussels attractions with an associated challenge. The multi-player version is designed for small groups in which the participants compete against each other. The group guide awards the participants their scores or joins in the game. The application is primarily aimed at young people but is also suitable for NT2 students. We currently offer 3 single-player and 5 multi-player routes that incorporate Brussels City and Molenbeek. 

The youngsters enthusiastically took part in the various challenges throughout the streets of Brussels. The minister handed out book vouchers to the four winning teams.

The interactive game is now open to everyone. Experiencing Brussels in Dutch, the youngsters get to know their city in a different way. The battle for the top spot on the scoreboard is open. Read more