We have a winner!


We have a winner!

20 October 2019 — The Huis van het Nederlands Brussel launched the What’s your favourite Dutch expression?” competition, as part of the Week van het Nederlands 2019. Voting could take place up until midnight on 12 October. More than 800 Brussels residents took part! One person bagged the grand prize: Omar from Brussels.

Omar is studying Dutch at CVO Lethas and lives in the city centre. And he’ll certainly be able to paint the town red’ on 23 November.

With 187 votes, de bloemetjes buitenzetten’(to paint the town red) was easily your favourite Dutch expression. Ben je met mijn voeten aan het spelen?’ (are you kidding me?) came second, with 116 votes.

Your least favourite Dutch expression was iemand in de steek laten’ (to let someone down). We couldn’t agree more!

We would like to thank everyone who participated in the What’s your favourite Dutch expression?” competition. And we hope that Omar thoroughly enjoys his prize: a well-earned night on the tiles, including dinner in a restaurant, a trip to the cinema and an overnight hotel stay… in Brussels, of course.

Until next year and the following Week van het Nederlands!

The Huis van het Nederlands Brussel team