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Proof of Dutch knowledge for childcare workers and managers of day-care centres

A childcare centre can receive accreditation or subsidies if the employees have a certain level of Dutch, as established by the Flemish Government. That level is:

  • For childcare workers:
    • B1 for speaking and listening
    • A2 for reading and writing
  • For managers:
    • B2 for speaking and listening
    • B1 for reading and writing 

Which test are you taking at the Huis van het Nederlands?

The test consists of two parts: listening and speaking. Each part takes about one hour. 

You start with listening. This part is done on the computer. If this part is too difficult, the test will stop there and you will not have passed. 

If the listening test goes well, an appointment will be made for the speaking test at a later date.

More information

Do you have questions about the tests?

Do you have questions about the procedure?

Check the brochure of Kind en Gezin (Dutch only).