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Are you unsure whether you have the required level? Then vist us to take a pre-screening.

What is a pre-screening?

A pre-screening is a test to know if your level of Dutch is good enough to pass an official test by appointment.

The pre-screening is only oral, the official test by appointment is oral and written.

The pre-screening is shorter than a test. It lasts about 5 minutes and is about general topics. After the test we give you an advice:

  • If your Dutch is good enough, you can make an appointment for an official test.
  • Is your Dutch not good enough? Then we give you alternatives to achieve your level.

You choose whether you follow our advice.

Why a pre-screening?

An official test by appointment takes a long time. You must reserve two half days.

Are you not sure whether your Dutch is good enough? Then you can do the short pre-screening and only then decide whether to do the long official test.

How do you make an appointment for a test?

This test is currently carried out during a video call. The test will only take place in the Dutch Language House when it is technically impossible to do otherwise.

You can’t do a pre-screening for the Dutch language test for the priority regulation for day nurseries or for secondary, primary and pre-primary education and for the Proof of Dutch knowledge for training as a social interpreter.

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