Dutch exemption test for civic integration

A civic integration programme at the Agency for Integration and Civic Integration consists of two parts:

  • social orientation
  • Dutch

You must have level A2 for Dutch. If your Dutch is already good enough, you do not need to take any Dutch lessons. To prove your level, you can take this test.

Which test are you taking at the Huis van het Nederlands?

The test consists of two parts. You start with reading and listening. This part is done on the computer and takes half a day. If this part is too difficult, the test will stop there and you will not have passed. 

If the reading and listening test goes well, an appointment will be made for the speaking and writing test at a later date. This is done with an employee of the Huis.

How to make an appointment for a test?


Use our online agenda:

  1. Fill in your details
  2. Choose which test you want to take
  3. Choose a date and make an appointment

Our assessment schedule is published on the website only few weeks in advance.
Please check our calendar frequently for updates.

By telephone

Call 02 313 96 66

  • Monday between 9 h. and 11 h.
  • from Tuesday until Friday between 9 h. and 12 h.

What do you bring to the test?

A valid proof of identity.

How to prepare for the test?

Practice test

You can take a practice test:

  • fill in your name
  • fill in your e‑mail address 
  • under school write: Huis van het Nederlands Brussels

The practice test shows how the test works. The level of Dutch in the practice test is not representative of the level of the real test.

To the practice test

Doe een pre-screening

Wilt u een test maken op afspraak?

Weet u niet goed of uw Nederlands goed genoeg is?

Kom dan naar het Huis voor een pre-screening.

Read more about pre-screening

More information

Would you like to know more about the tests? You can contact us via 02 501 66 60.

More information about the procedure is available on the website of the Agency for Integration and Civic Integration (Dutch only).

There you can also read the test regulations and check the test instructions.