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Your partner for Dutch in Brussels

The Dutch Language House Brussels helps individuals and professionals to improve their Dutch. 

We do this in several ways. 

  • We inform people who want to learn Dutch. We advise them about Dutch courses, self-study and Dutch-speaking activities. 
  • We enrol our customers in the most suitable Dutch courses. 
  • We help Brussels residents to practice their Dutch. 
  • We encourage and help organisations, schools and companies to create room for Dutch. 
  • We help to improve the quality of Dutch-language opportunities for adults in Brussels. 

Our services

We are here for Brussels residents, professional organisations and NT2 teachers. 

Our story

Since 2003, we have been helping Brussels residents and organisations that have queries about Dutch. 

Our partners

Who are our structural partners? And how do we work together on Dutch in Brussels?  

NT2 teachers

The Dutch Language House Brussels assists NT2 teachers.