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Your partner for Dutch in Brussels

We help organisations, municipalities, vocational training programmes, schools and companies in Brussels with language policy and appropriate language actions.

The linguistic diversity in Brussels poses many challenges. How do you deal with this in your organisation? How do you remove language barriers? How do you ensure effective communication in the workplace and with customers? 

We work together with you to create a language policy and language actions for your workplace, training programme, school or organisation. What we offer: tailor-made guidance, tools to get you started and training courses

Our guidance is unique. Together with you, we look at the situation in your workplace and form a plan that suits your organisation. From a language vision to concrete actions. These actions are very diverse: drawing up language profiles, organising conversation tables or other opportunities to practice, teaching and practising Dutch information sessions, organising Dutch lessons in the workplace, setting up awareness-raising actions, and so on. 

We do this for a number of different sectors in Brussels: 

  • In hospitals, nursing homes and nurseries, we work with employees and their supervisors to improve Dutch language ability.
  • We work in municipalities to promote bilingual services. 
  • We coach teachers in Dutch-language vocational training programmes to give language a place in the classroom. 
  • In Dutch-speaking primary and secondary schools, we help staff and parents to break down language barriers. 
  • We encourage leisure organisations to allow their audience to use Dutch. 

Can you see opportunities for language policies or actions in your organisation? Would you like to share ideas about a possible approach? 

Do you want more information about possible training courses or tools to get started yourself? Want to read more about the cases in different sectors? You can find all the information you need on our Dutch-language website.