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Your partner for Dutch in Brussels

You want to learn Dutch?  

You don't have to do it alone.   

How to start? How to choose the right course? Where can you practice?

We will help you reach your goal.

From Monday 15 July to Friday 9 August, we work by appointment only.

From Monday 29 July to Friday 2 August, the Dutch Language House will be closed.

Learning Dutch

You are 16 or older and you want to learn Dutch in Brussels? We'll help you get started. We’ll provide information about the possibilities and answer all your questions. You will discover which method of learning suits you best. 

Practicing Dutch

Do you want to practice your Dutch? Good news: there are a lot of options. 

Dutch testing

You can have your language level in Dutch tested at the Dutch Language House Brussels.  

When do you take a test?  

  • If you want to take a Dutch course.  
  • If you need a certificate to prove your language level in Dutch.
  • If you want to benefit from the priority rule when enrolling your child in a Dutch-speaking school or nursery.
  • If you want to have your language level tested.