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This video shows how to find an activity in your area.

Find activities for speaking and practising Dutch

Visit our website "Nederlands oefenen in Brussel". We gather information on all kinds of activities for practicing Dutch, with practical information about the location and registration. You will also find listening and reading tips, as well as ideas for beginners.

You do not know if you know enough Dutch for cultural, sports or other activities? Then search for activities with 'taaliconen'.

Come to a conversation table

Do you want to speak Dutch in an informal setting? And do you already have basic knowledge of Dutch?  Then you can take part in a Babbelut conversation table. You will meet other people with different native tongues and have fun conversations in Dutch. A Dutch-speaking volunteer will help.  

Find a Dutch-speaking partner

Do you want to practise Dutch with one person? Then take a look at our Patati community. You can find a Dutch-speaking partner via Patati. You both arrange to meet, when and wherever you want. Extra tip: attend a Patati Apéro. 

Play an urban game and explore Dutch in Brussels

Plonge is available to Brussels residents aged 16 and over. This is an urban game for exploring Dutch in Brussels. Walk the routes through the city and complete the various challenges. Plonge allows you to discover fun places to speak Dutch.  

Do you have more questions about practicing Dutch in Brussels?