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2020 02 14 HVHN Babelut Muntpunt Raisa VDM 13

Dutch Language House BrusselsLearn Dutch and
seize new opportunities

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You can visit us freely or by appointment.

Certification tests

Certification tests

Do you need a certificate to demonstrate your knowledge of Dutch? For a number of certificates you can take a test at the Dutch Language House. If you pass, you receive the certificate. These tests always happen by appointment.
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Offer for businesses, organisations and schools

Offer for businesses, organisations and schools

Are you looking for information about Dutch for your employees or for your audience? Then you’ve come to the right place.
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Learn and practise Dutch

Learn and practise Dutch

Are you at least 16 years old and would you like to learn or practise Dutch in Brussels? Would you like to register for a Dutch language course? Do you have a question about learning or practicing Dutch?
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Samira chef kok

Learning Dutch helps Samira...
to find a new job

Samira’s story

I applied in Dutch and got the job. If my Dutch had not been good, I would never have found this job.

Beginscherm Patativideo

Patati: your language community?

Patati is a language community for all Brussels residents who want to exchange Dutch with another language. You can create a profile on patati​.be and look for a tandem partner to exchange languages with.

It is fun. Just try it!

Cécile in het rusthuis

Dutch in the nursing home

Cécile’s story

Dutch is important to us because there are quite a few bilingual residents here, some of whom are mainly Dutch-speaking, but who take the trouble to speak French with us, and we would like to be able to talk to them in their mother tongue.

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Our activity calendar

Logo skype babbelut website

Skype Babbelut on Tuesday

31 January 2023

Practice your Dutch during the Skype Babbelut. View more info →
HVHN QA Video V1 00 00 23 19 Still004 2

Info session Taalgarage (self-study) for beginners - session in English

02 March 2023

The Taalgarage gives advice to people who want to learn Dutch through self-study. Follow an info session for beginners.

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