Language policy in Brussels Community centres - a report about the process

18 December 2020 — The Dutch Language House Brussels has helped various Dutch-speaking community centres in Brussels to develop language policy and vision. The main tips and step-by-step plans have been summarised in a publication. It is a useful tool for all Dutch-speaking community centres wishing to address the issue of language and clarify the place of on Dutch in their day-to-day activities.

The Dutch Language House Brussels started a project with Dutch-language community centres in Brussels in 2017.

These community centres have a diverse target group and operate in a multi-lingual city. How should community centres deal with this challenge? What role will Dutch play in your centre? And how can you make your services accessible to everyone, both Dutch-speaking and non-Dutch-speaking?

Click the image below and find the answers in our publication (available in Dutch only).

Boekje Taalbeleid GC