Learn and practise Dutch

Are you at least 16 years old and would you like to learn or practise Dutch in Brussels? Would you like to register for a Dutch language course? Do you have a question about learning or practicing Dutch?

Come to the Dutch Language House for personal advice on Dutch lessons, self-study or activities to practise Dutch. We will help you on your way to speak and write Dutch.


Test, advice and signing up

In which municipality can you take classes? When can you take classes? How often can you attend classes? Together we will see which course best suits your situation. 

There are more than 3,000 Dutch courses each year. The Dutch Language House has information on all Dutch-language adult education courses in Brussels.

Come and visit the Dutch Language House, discover which course you can follow and sign up!

You can visit us freely or by appointment.

You can also call or email us.


+32 2 313 96 00

More practical details

Practicing Dutch in Brussels

Discover our website with all information about practicing Dutch. You will find information about activities, inspiration, links to other websites and tips for practising Dutch.

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Learn Dutch through self-study 

Learning Dutch through self-study? Which books or material to use? Visit the Dutch Language House for personal advice and information.

Read more about self-study
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Learning a language is more fun and easier with an exchange partner

Via Patati, you can meet people in Brussels with the same interests but a different mother tongue. Get to know each other on our website and exchange Dutch with another language – where, when and with who you want.

Become a Patati

Come to a Babbelut conversation table!

Every week, the Dutch Language House organises free conversation tables at 7 locations in Brussels and online. Anyone with a basic knowledge of Dutch can take part.

More information

More Dutch? Take a look at our pocket dictionaries!

The Dutch Language House Brussels has developed several pocket dictionaries. This way, you can learn to speak and write Dutch even more easily. You can buy them at the Dutch Language House, order them or download them for free. Here are 3 examples.

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Huis Nederlands Brussel Contact

Dictionary for reception: Contact FR.NL.EN€ 5,00
/ stuk

Can I help you? Would you like to leave a message? This booklet contains all French, Dutch and English for reception and counter staff. It will allow you to communicate fluently with customers and visitors.The publication was developed by the Huis van het Nederlands on behalf of the Flemish Community Commission.

Huis Nederlands Brussel Medica

Dictionary for hospitals: Medica FR.NL.EN€ 7,00
/ stuk

This dictionary helps you communicating with patients and visitors in French, Dutch or English. The booklet is an overview of common words and expressions in highly frequent contexts. At the reception desk, during an examination, in the bedroom… Medica FR.NL.EN was edited by the Huis van het Nederlands Brussel, following the initiative of the Vlaamse Gemeenschapscommissie and in collaboration with the Huis voor Gezondheid, the Europe Hospitals and the Iris hospital network.

Huis Nederlands Brussel A Baby C

ABabyC FR.NL.EN: Pocket dictionary for parents of children between 0 and 3 years old€ 5,00
/ stuk

This pocket dictionary helps you to communicate in Dutch about matters concerning your child. Is your child going to a nursery, daycare, the children’s healthcare centre or another Dutch-speaking facility? Would you like to be able to talk to a staff member or to other parents? Then take this handy dictionary with you and find the words you need.