Who can rent a meeting room? 

Only organisations, services or companies can rent a meeting room at the Dutch Language House. Private individuals cannot.

You can rent meeting rooms for activities such as meetings, lectures, workshops and study days. You cannot rent meeting rooms for commercial, political or private activities.


You always rent a meeting room in the Dutch Language House for a specific part of the day: morning, afternoon and/​or evening.

Prices from 1 September 2023:

  • Auditorium: € 300 per half-day
  • Meeting room: € 80 per half-day

Cancellation conditions

  • Free cancellation at least one week in advance
  • Pay 50% if cancelled during the last week
  • 100% payment if cancellation during the last 48 hours

The Dutch Language House has special rates for direct partners, for subsidy providers, for schools (adult education centres and CBE Brusselleer) and for VDAB & Syntra. Contact us to book your meeting room at these rates.

Catering at the Dutch Language House is only possible through Café ABC. Would you like information about prices and options? Contact property manager Peter Pirard on 02 313 96 46 .

Free borrowing facilities 

You can borrow equipment such as CD players, TV screens and extension cables free of charge from the property manager.

Hanging up material in meeting rooms 

Only with magnets on the board or on the magnetic strips.

Problems, defects, questions 

You can ask any questions you may have to property manager Peter Pirard