Dutch for your employees

Do you want to improve your employees’ Dutch? Do you want to plan language training but don’t know what training your employees need? Ask for advice from the Huis van het Nederlands.

Language policy plan for your business, public service or organisation

Together with us, create a language plan that fits the real needs of your employees and the organisation. 

We analyse the current language situation in various positions and formulate a plan to improve Dutch language skills. This plan often consists of Dutch lessons, but also includes other options to encourage the use of Dutch, both among current employees and future potential employees.

We advise you on the language requirements for different positions in your company and organisation — information you can use in your recruitment policy.

We will be happy to prepare a tailor-made quotation for our advice and guidance.

Short free advice

Get quick and free answers to your practical questions about Dutch courses, language schools and subsidy opportunities in Brussels. We provide the information you need to organise your own Dutch lessons for your employees.

Our strengths

  • You will receive a global plan with various language solutions to encourage employees to learn, practise and use Dutch on the shop floor
  • Your employees learn the Dutch they actually need for their job
  • We put you in contact with suitable language schools
  • You receive reliable and neutral advice, the Huis van het Nederlands has no commercial interests
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Specific learning and practice material for your sector

Are you looking for learning materials or websites with specific Dutch? At the request of various sectors, the Huis van het Nederlands created dictionaries and other tools with technical jargon and specific words and phrases.

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Test & registration

Would you like to know the level of Dutch of an employee or candidate employee? Would you like to register him or her for a Dutch language course?

Then fill in this form. We will set an appointment for a level test or a registration by e‑mail.

In addition to the details of your candidate employee or employee, you can also fill in your own contact details.

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