Cursussen Nederlands

Advice and registration

The Huis van het Nederlands has information on all Dutch courses in Dutch-speaking adult education in Brussels: more than 3,000 NT2 courses a year.
NT2 stands for Dutch Second Language, the official name of Dutch language lessons for adults.

There are many options: Dutch for beginners or advanced learners, fast learning or just at a slower pace, oral and written courses, in different municipalities in Brussels, both during the day and in the evening.

Together we will look at which courses you can take to learn Dutch. If you wish, you can sign up straight away.

You can also just take a test to know your level of Dutch.


  • Come to The Huis van het Nederlands or our offices in Jette or in Ixelles during opening hours. You will take a test and meet with an employee who will advise you on a course.
  • Allow half a day for your visit.
  • Bring valid proof of identity.


  • Our advice is free. 
  • Do you want to sign up for a Dutch course? You pay a maximum of 45 euros if you live in a Brussels municipality. 
  • Don’t live in Brussels? Then you will pay a maximum of 117 euros per course.