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Taking a Dutch course

Are you looking for a Dutch course? Then be sure to come to the Dutch Language House Brussels. Our consultants will help you.  

We will look at your needs together: What is your language level? Why do you want to learn Dutch? How much time do you have? Are you looking for a course online or in the classroom?  

We'll inform you about all the options. We will then also be able to register you. 

Welcome to the Dutch Language House

You can visit freely on certain days or by appointment at other times of the week.

Bear in mind that there may be some waiting time when you come without an appointment (maximum 2 hours). 

Bring valid proof of identity or your residence document.

How does it work?

  1. A consultant will prepare your file and see which test you should take.  
  2. You take a test.  
  3. The consultant will discuss your goals, your situation and the results of the test with you.
  4. You will receive advice about where you can take Dutch lessons at your level.
  5. If you wish, the consultant can enrol you immediately in a CVO (adult education centre) or at Ligo Brusselleer (centre for basic education).  

The consultation will last approximately 30 minutes (without the test).  

The test takes between 45 minutes and 2 hours

Which lessons are available?

Our consultant can register you for Dutch courses in the CVO (centres for adult education) or at Ligo Brusselleer (centre for basic education).

There are

  • courses at all language levels, both oral and written;
  • intensive courses, standard courses and slow-paced courses;
  • online courses and courses in the classroom;
  • courses at various locations in Brussels.

All lessons are given by professional teachers.

How much does it cost?

The test and advice at the Dutch Language House: free

The Dutch course: the price depends on various factors. Our consultant can tell you how much your course will cost.  

If you are domiciled in Brussels, you may receive a discount:  

  • A course at a lower language level costs maximum 40 euros.  
  • A course at a higher language level costs maximum 117 euros.  

Do you want to retake a course at the same level? From the fourth time, repeating a course, you will pay maximum 360 euros.

Would you like to know more about the schools, the lessons, the locations or the conversation with a consultant at the Dutch Language House?