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Learning Dutch through self-study

The Taalgarage of the Dutch Language House gives you advice on learning Dutch through self-study.

Make an appointment with the Taalgarage

It is really personalized and it was nice that someone took the time to explain everything to me personally. Also, a wide range of possibilities was covered which I find very useful.

- Jennifer

How does the Dutch Language House help with the self-study of Dutch? 

An appointment online or in the Dutch Language House

Make an appointment with the Taalgarage and we will give you advice on how to learn Dutch on your own. We will discuss what you want to achieve by learning Dutch and give you tailored information.

Customised material for learning Dutch through self-study

The Taalgarage will help you to find the material you need for learning Dutch through self-study: grammar, listening and writing exercises, etc. We also give advice on business Dutch or specific vocabulary for your profession.

Tips for practising Dutch in Brussels

You also want to apply in a real conversation what you learn on your own. We give you tips on where and how to practise Dutch in Brussels.

Frequently asked questions

The conversation with the Taalgarage

Is the Taalgarage right for me?

Do you live in Brussels and are you at least 16 years of age? Can you relate to one of the scenarios below?

  • I want to learn Dutch, but not in a class.

  • I am enrolled in a Dutch course, but have a specific learning question

  • My Dutch course does not start for a few weeks or months

Then the Taalgarage is right for you.

Do you live in Antwerp? Then please contact taalgarage@​antwerpen.​be.

Do I need to be enrolled at the Dutch Language House?

No. That is not necessary. Never visited the Dutch Language House before? In that case, we will create a personal file and assess your language level during the consultation. 

Would you like to enrol for a Dutch course, in addition to your self-study? Then please make an appointment here: I want to enrol for a Dutch course.”

Can I receive advice by email?

No. We use your personal consultation to get to know you better. You need to make an appointment so that we can determine the most suitable self-study material for your personal situation. 

The appointment is conducted at the Dutch Language House or online.

How much does the consultation cost?

The consultation is free. However, you will need to purchase or borrow your own self-study materials from a Brussels library.

How long does the consultation take?

The consultation takes approximately 45 minutes. We listen to your requirements and then give you advice on the most appropriate self-study materials. We also give you tips on creating a self-study plan and information about where you can practice Dutch. 

Is this your first appointment with the Dutch Language House? Then we will also create your personal file during the consultation. 

What is the difference between an online appointment and a physical appointment at the Dutch Language House?

The Taalgarage has its own collection of self-study materials. You can view this material during a physical appointment at the Dutch Language House. That way you can better determine your preferred learning method. This is the only difference between an online appointment and a physical appointment at the Dutch Language House.

Self-study and learning material

Can I buy learning materials from the Taalgarage?

No, we do not sell learning materials. However, we do provide you with information on purchasing or borrowing the necessary learning materials from a Brussels library.

Does the Taalgarage provide guidance on my Dutch self-study course?

No, we do not provide guidance on your self-study course. But we do furnish you with all the necessary self-study tools during your consultation. Have you already had a consultation but still have questions? Then please send us an email and we will provide further assistance.

Can I take an exam or obtain a certificate from the Taalgarage?

No. We explain how and where you can test your language level during your self-study course. You can, however, take certain tests at the Dutch Language House.

Can I make another visit to the Taalgarage following my appointment?

You are always welcome to make a second or even third visit to the Taalgarage. You will likely have new questions as your language level improves. So, please feel free to make a new appointment. We are always happy to assist.

Can I improve my language level through self-study?

Yes, providing you are disciplined and work hard on your self-study on a daily basis. Would you like to enrol for a higher level Dutch course after completing your current one? Then you will need to take a Dutch Language House test to ensure that you choose the right course.

Practical info

Because of Covid-19, all appointments take place online, via MS Teams. One appointment takes 45 minutes.